mark harris

A good therapist doesn’t claim to have all the answers: A good therapist shares their knowledge and facilitates the process of helping you make your own decisions that are balanced, rational, and well-explored.

Mark Harris, MA, CADC I

Psychologist, Substance Abuse Counselor

Mark brings nearly half a century of cross-cultural, addictions and recovery, counseling, education, research & development experience. A focus on individuals, couples, and families, recovering from multigenerational trauma is a particular focus.

Mark Harris attained both his BA and MA, in Psychology from Sonoma State University. Even though Sonoma State’s focus was Humanistic Psychology, that training did not prepare him to work with communities of color, experiencing normalized systemic neglect. As he notes “My first jobs with a BA, (while writing my master’s thesis), a BA in Psych, only qualifies you to work with people no one else wants to work with because of their “labels”. Black grade school youth, living in neighborhoods deliberately saturated with alcohol and drugs, living in enforced poverty, witnessing daily alcohol fueled domestic violence. The question becomes, how do you make a way out of no way? How do you make a sane adjustment, to an insane situation, that has been normalized?”

While Marks formalized psychology training failed to give an answer “home training” in Black Psychology, Black History, Black Liberation Theology, did give answers and solutions.

Mark’s experience and training leads him to work from an outside the box approach to offer therapeutic solutions. He works with his clients to help them discover that they might find the answers are already inside waiting to be introduced for their use. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Knowing failure is part of the process to discovering what will ultimately succeed.