Family Counseling

Family therapy, of course, requires a different approach than individual therapy. In family counseling, the family unit is the client or patient. Additionally, the focus is on helping the family to relate to and communicate with one another in healthy ways. Our counselors at Discovering Greatness, LLC are then going to approach family counseling by finding what is not functioning correctly within your family.

We aim to not only teach you skills but to also help your family experience new ways of doing relationships. We will help you look at the entire family dynamic to see what is and isn’t working. Then we will guide your family as you adopt new ways to relate with one another. Your family may just need the fresh perspective of someone who can help you see where your communication is failing, and where you are not connecting. That argument you have every night about whose turn it is to do the dishes may not be about the dishes.

Family counseling can help in many situations: blended families, divorce, adoption, bereavement, high conflict families, and various life transitions. We can offer a mix of individual and family sessions to best address the needs of your family. You and your counselor will decide what is best for you.

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