Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief is both a natural and complicated process. There are many healthy responses to loss, and no two people will cope and heal the same ways. When you lose someone –or something– in your life, it may help to have someone to walk you through bereavement, and let you work through the complex emotions you are feeling.

The average time Americans give each other to grieve is 3 weeks, but we know the process takes years, maybe even decades to unravel. The good news is that though the experience of loss will always be said, it doesn’t have to trigger intense emotions forever.

Our counselors can help you recognize the varying forms grief can take in your life, and help you understand when grief is the emotion you’re experiencing (even though it wasn’t your first guess). Grief can emerge in the form of nostalgia as you find yourself aching to be that person you were in another season of life. You may also be grieving the loss of a relationship, loss of self, or the loss (or lack) of your feeling of belonging. By understanding the emotion, you are feeling, your counselor can help you process it appropriately and more quickly.

There are many layers and manifestations of grief, sometimes, the grieving process begins at the diagnosis of a disease or while caring for a loved one with a terminal illness, or months after laying your loved one to rest. We have counselors who specialize in these complex emotions and can help you no matter what has brought upon your grieving emotions.

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