PTSD Counseling

No two traumatic experiences are alike. After experiencing a trauma, of course, you might find you can’t stop thinking about what happened. It also can be really hard to ‘shake’ the impact of the trauma you experienced. A counselor is going to help you navigate the overwhelming emotions you may be feeling. They also help prepare you for the healing journey ahead of you.

Select counselors at Discovering Greatness, LLC work with our local Family Advocacy Center to provide therapy for victims of violent crimes. After a traumatic event, it’s important to find treatment and help with a counselor you can trust, and we feel blessed to be able to partner with this program. Our counselors and staff are going to advocate on your behalf, come alongside you, and do what we can to ensure counseling is a beneficial experience on your way to recovery.

Discovering Greatness, LLC can meet your needs after a trauma through individual therapy. Also with some therapists, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, or EMDR therapy, can be utilized. Your body has strong defense mechanisms to protect you when a traumatic event is occurring, and a properly trained counselor can help those with PTSD process the events which have caused their ‘trigger’ reactions and defensive actions.

We have several counselors who have a variety of backgrounds and trainings for different trauma based therapies, and we can help you find the approach that will be the best fit for you.

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