elizabeth egelhoff

A good therapist doesn’t claim to have all the answers: A good therapist shares their knowledge and facilitates the process of helping you make your own decisions that are balanced, rational, and well-explored.

Elizabeth Egelhoff, LMHC, LSAA, EMDR

Clinical Therapist / Substance Abuse Counselor

Liz graduated Suma Cum Laude from Grand Canyon University, earning a bachelor’s degree in substance abuse and addiction counseling with a specialization in trauma. Before her education and experience as a clinical IOP substance abuse therapist, Lizz had extensive experience in both emergency medicine as a first responder and community mental health. In community mental health, Lizz worked with many types of issues, including severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), substance abuse, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety, which gave her a wide variety of professional experience with various presentations and diagnoses. Lizz primarily works with various types of traumas, dissociation, grief, shame, anxiety, and substance abuse. Lizz is an EMDR therapist trained through EMDRIA actively pursuing certification in EMDR. In addition to EMDR practice, Lizz is actively seeking training in Emotion-Focused Therapy for both individuals and couples. Currently, Lizz is finishing her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at the University of New Mexico.

Lizz practices through a person-centered framework, employing humor and playfulness to establish safety and enhance the therapeutic relationship. She weaves traditional talk-therapy methods with an action-based approach to create with clients a therapeutic relationship that is rigorous, compassionate, and joyful. Several theories inform Lizz’s work with clients, including dialectical-behavioral therapy (DBT), attachment, ego states, and psychodynamic approaches. Her commitment to trauma principles in practice is paramount when working with clients and in her personal life. Lizz’s favorite of the six trauma-informed principles is transparency and trustworthiness, which opens the gates to myriad possibilities in therapeutic work together.

Lizz wants to help her clients heal in a unique, individually tailored, and lasting way. Her professional focus is on experiential work, post-traumatic growth, EMDR, attachment work, substance abuse recovery, and emotion-focused therapy. She currently focuses on adults and couples.