Domestic Violence Counseling

Domestic Violence is [an operational definition]: Any act carried out with the intention of physically or emotionally harming another person who is related to you by blood; present or prior marriage or common law marriage; having (or allegedly having) a child in common; having (or have had) a dating relationship. This also includes a person with a disability and their personal assistant.

  • Domestic Violence Is…Physical Abuse: hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, throwing body down, slapping, choking, using a weapon against, etc.
  • Domestic Violence Is…Emotional Abuse: verbal abuse; intimidation or threats; isolation, restricting or controlling activities, etc.
  • Domestic Violence Is…Sexual Abuse: forcing victim into sexual activities against their will, flaunting extra-marital affairs, harassment, etc.
  • Domestic Violence Is…Economic Abuse: taking persons money, keeping them from getting or keeping a job, making them ask for money, etc.
  • Domestic Violence Is…Destruction of Property or Pets: breaking victim’s property of favorite objects, hurting or killing
  • Domestic Violence Is…Stalking: following and/or placing a person under surveillance thereby causing that person to be in reasonable apprehension of immediate or future bodily harm, sexual assault, confinement or restraint.

The purpose of all abuse is to control the victims behavior by the inducement of fear, and contributes to the abusers power and control over the victim.

Domestic Violence Is…A CRIME

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