Depression, Mood and Anxiety Disorder

Feeling depressed is different than just having a bad day. You may find yourself feeling sad, down, or blue most of the time. You may no longer enjoy things you used to love doing, or assuming the worst in situations. A counselor can give you a judgment free space to talk through these feelings while keeping everything you say confidential.

If you are mentally beating yourself up and putting yourself down, or are coming down with unexplained headaches, sicknesses, or catching a cold every time someone sneezes within a ten mile radius of you, our counselors at Discovering Greatness, LLC can help. You may even be thinking about hurting yourself, or preoccupied with death. At Discovering Greatness, LLC, our counselors can guide you, and help you heal and grow. They will come alongside you and walk this journey with you.

Some amount of stress and worry is unavoidable in life. When stress and anxiety becomes excessive, or worry consumes most of your time, counseling can often help. You may feel your mind won’t let you stop thinking about things outside of your control, or you may become easily distracted. You might feel helpless when you are stressed, or have fears which interfere with your life.

A counselor can help you recognize ways to constructively process your worries, doubts, and unease. Our counselors can share tools with you to keep from panicking, and build on your strengths to reduce apprehension and uncertainty in your life. Once your counselor has helped you find ways to calm yourself, they can help you get to the root of what is making you anxious.

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